Tailgating for two


      Unconventional tailgating at its very best. You have to understand that I don't have a television, so therefore watching the game at my house is virtually impossible. I just really wanted to have a reason to have some "football" food. I came up with the idea to have a "tailgate party", I sent out the invite (yes, just one, remember tailgating for two; plus no one wants to come tailgate without at t.v.) and thought that I could figure out the rest when game day came.
         Game day is here! Mr. Crumbs and I are tailgating together. We are listening to the game on the radio. It is cheesy, I know, but it is fun. I made a big spread of food and we are sitting back relaxing, having a few brew-skies all in the comfort of our home. It is different and I get to have "football" food. In a few years we will look back and say to each other "Remember that tailgate party we had?"


     The menu for tonights big game includes: Layered Taco Dip, Homemade Guacamole, Southwest BBQ Chicken Taquitos, Salted Kale Chips, Buffalo Garlic Chicken Chunks, Fifteen Bean Soup, Cornbread, and Brownies. All paired with a couple of longnecks, who can/could resist?



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