A What? Food Blogger Cookie Swap you say? Count me IN!

The first annual Food Blogger cookie swap. Sounds amazingly fun. Brought to you by Julie from The Little Kitchen and Lindsay from Love and Olive Oil. I am definitely participating in this event. I think it will be the event of the year, forget the Oscars, the CMA's, or even Chris and Kim's 73 day long marriage ending in the Big D.
Here is how it works.You will receive three other bloggers addresses to send them homemade cookies (Mmmmm, cookies). You send them each a dozen of your cookies. In return you will receive 3 different dozen of cookies to drool over, eat, and then go into a sugar coma. Sounds fun! I told you. Then on December 12th everyone who participated will post their recipes and whom they sent their delicious concoctions to.
The deadline for entry is November 15th. HURRY and ENTER! To find out more and enter click HERE. Then click HERE to find out how to package and ship the cookies that you will send to me (feel free to send me cookies even if you do not get my name; trust me I won't mind).
As a side note if you do get my name, or not but still want to send me cookies, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE disinfect your counter and dishes before preparing my cookies, if you let your animals walk on your counter or eat off your dishes! Just sayin'.

Happy Baking!



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