Banana Fro Yo

It has been amazingly hot this summer. Cool treats are the "IN" thing right now. I had stumbled across this post from Gena at Choosing Raw and thought that it sounded interesting. It was easy, cool, and refreshing; not to mention healthy. Yes, I said healthy (it is a good thing). She stated in her post that this is not really a recipe and she is right. It is more of a process than anything. Anyway, I wanted to share it with you, because of the simplicity of this.

Last night I decided to try it out. I handed a dish to Mr. Crumbs and at first he said "This isn't popcorn." I replied "Popcorn?" He said "Yes, I thought that you were making me popcorn." Let me explained that popcorn was never a conversation topic last night. My response to him was "Sorry, no popcorn. Instead we are having Banana Frozen Yogurt." His response "Oh, that sounds good too." He ate it and was amazed. He asked where I got banana frozen yogurt. I told him that I made it and explained the process. The process is taking frozen banans and putting them in a food processor, pulsing to break up the bananas, scraping down the sides and then giving the bananas a whirl until they become a frozen soft serve icecream consistancy. He was like "Really? I could do that." I replied "Yes, you can!" There you have it, if Mr. Crumbs thinks that he can do it, then you can.

Here is Gena's post from Choosing Raw, I encourage everyone to check out her site, she has interesting recipes and lots of words of wisdom. She lives a semi-raw and vegan lifestyle, but please do not be discouraged by this. She has a lot of information to share and presents it in a sublte but effective way.



Gena said...

I'm flattered you made the recipe, but much more flattered that you find my lifestyle not a deterrent for those who live differently!

September 12, 2010 at 8:16 PM

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