KC Masterpiece Buffalo Marinade

I recently had the opportunity to try KC Masterpiece's 30 minute Buffalo Marinade. I am skeptical about bottle marinades. It is easy to make your own, so why bother spending the money? Just my thoughts. KC Masterpiece sent me a bottle to try. I have been craving Buffalo wings lately and this was perfect timing. I thought about coming up with something creative or unique to do with it, but then thought against it. I wanted to give you a honest, easy, real taste of the product, so I bought some chicken leg quarters and tossed them in a bag for about an hour. Simple and easy.

When I opened the bottle I gave it a taste. It was bitey, vinegary. I really like a vinegary taste, but was unsure of the amount of tang. I proceeded to put the chicken legs in a Ziplock bag and dumped the contents of the bottle into the bag. One hour later (you only have to marinate it for 30 mins but I got busy) I removed it and baked it. It is grilling season, but being grilless for the time being is absolutely gruelling other options had to be put into play.

I pulled it out of the oven, let it rest, and made some seasoned steak and sweet potato fries as a side. Popped open an IPA and sat down to dig in. The results... surprisingly sweet. The tang and bite that was originally there had mellowed. The chicken was moist and tender. Still had a little kick. Impressive. The fries and beer were delicious too. A great meal and a craving satisfied.



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